Studium develops and offers its services in the Tax sector together with its partner Studio Impresa. This professional activity started in 1990 and now represents the consolidated presence of associated chartered accountants who are able to dialogue with the various companies according to their size and type of problem. Working in Studio Impresa are 7 partners, 4 senior consultants, 5 assistants and 11 employees.
Studio Impresa provides foreign enterprises wishing to develop their business in Italy with the following services:
  1. Tax&Law Check-up: check on the fiscal and legal aspects of the client’s business project on the basis of the specific characteristics of Italian Law compared to legislation in the country of origin;
  2. Start up in Italy: assistance when opening in Italy companies, premises, organisations and representatives’ offices; domiciliation and tax/accounting management, meeting rooms in the initial phases of activity.
  3. Money&Finance: assistance in dealing with banks and the opportunity of obtaining special credit facilities
  4. Auditing: certification of yearly statements as well as accounting and administration procedures for the Italian branch of the foreign parent company.
  5. M&A: assistance in acquisitions and due diligence
  6. Fiscal and accounting assistance for non-resident organisations and also complete outsourcing services for accounting and administration.