Guido Facciolo Avvocato

Guido Facciolo has been a lawyer since 1994 with the authorisation to represent clients in the Court of Cassation since 2006.
Since the start of his activities, he has always focused his attention on enterprises, assisting and supporting them in the development of the companies’ respective legal and financial matters. In particular, he has specialised in the field of company, commercial and real estate agreements, assisting clients in the founding of companies, as well as M&A and the buying and selling of real estate.
His legal activities are in Italy, assisting foreign companies with main offices in Italy or subject to Italian Law when involved in international lawsuits.
Since 1997 he has been a partner in Studio Legale Fratta Pasini & Associati in Verona. He can avail of the organisation of the Studio which strongly recommends him to Italian companies