Area LEGAL in Italy sees the participation of two founders of Studium: Studio Filippi Scartezzini Avvocati Associati and Lawyer Guido Facciolo. These two structures work together in formulating the specific services required by their clients.

The experts at area LEGAL provide their clients with their skills and specific experience gained in the following sectors:
  • assistance in the stipulation of international trade contracts, agency agreements or regarding distribution, sub-contracting of goods or services, haulage and transport, banking, insurance or warranty of credit and goods
  • assistance in drawing up contractual agreements for the establishment of Italian legal companies
  • assistance in M&A for the buying or selling of shares or participations in Italian legal companies and for the subscription of relative collateral agreements
  • assistance in dealings and relative sale of Italian real estate
  • consultancy on the matter of Italian company and real estate law
  • assistance and management of legal disputes or arbitration in Italy
  • assistance in international arbitration in Italy or where Italian Law is applied
  • assistance during in or out of court settlements for the recovery of large credits towards Italian companies