Lawyer Dr. iur. Thietz-Bartram completed his studies in Law at the Universities of Friburg, Hamburg and Magonza then, in 1990, started his professional career in a legal office in Dresda.
As a lawyer specialised in Tax and Company Law, he has matured more than 25 years of experience, including his partnership with Sozität Dr. Heinz Kuhlmann and Eicke in Hamburg and Dresda.
The office of Dr. iur. Thietz-Bartram & Coll. has been in Dresda since 1990, offering professional skills and years of experience in consultancy for small and medium enterprises in the following sectors:
• Company Law
• Administrative Law
• Tax Law
• European Law
• Commercial Law
• Penal Law
Our aim is customer satisfaction for which we employ all our experience and resources to guarantee maximum success.
Building and Real Estate Law
Includes consultancy and support during contractual projects for sub-contracting and construction works. Furthermore the studio assists clients in approval procedures up to receipt of the building permit as well as all the compulsory authorisations concerning the respect and conservation of the environment.
The Studio’s competence in Real Estate Law extends to the revision of sales agreements for condominiums or the construction of a private home, always in collaboration with solicitors and trusted experts. The Studio is also specialised in the regulation of auctions and land registry procedures.
Tax Law
As lawyer specialised in tax law, Dr. Thietz-Bartram has special experience concerning the taxation of sales transactions, as well as representing clients in disputes, federal trials and assistance in auditing and tax controls deriving from criminal investigations.
Criminal Law
The service concerning criminal law provides consultancy and defence of minor offenders among which, for example: bankruptcy offences, unlawful appropriation of employees’ social security payments, fraud, embezzlement, tax evasion, fraud in subsidies, offences towards competitors.
European Law
Legal services specialised in European Law include consultancy and assistance in preliminary proceedings attributed to the European Court of Luxembourg. Furthermore, European legal consultancy includes application of European Law to other national legal sectors and in particular to directives and regulations concerning equal treatment for women and men, coordination of social security systems and the free circulation of goods.
The Studio also offers a very wide range of services covering everything relative to legal transactions and international commercial relations on the basis of private international law and trial proceedings as per the requirements deriving from the EU regulation concerning the competence, acceptance and execution of decisions on civil and commercial matters dated 12.12.2012, applicable as from 2015/01/10 in all member countries of the EU.