Giulio Montaldi, engineer since 1990, freelance since 1996, and with more than 25 years of experience in the industrial sector, over the past 10 years has specialised in developing professional and cultural contacts between Europe and China in particular, but also with Russia, Arab countries, the USA, Canada, Brazil and North Africa.
He has gained experience in supervising large projects such as, for example, the start-up of production chains and units and commercial offices in China, requiring a combination of technical skills, negotiating abilities and decisional strategies.
In 2004 he became Managing Director of Foshan Trevisan Cometal Co. Ltd. in China, later working – again in China – for various manufacturers of industrial components, assisting them with projects for the development of both production and commercial relations.
At present he is CEO at IMG (Tianjin) Machinery components Manufacturing Co. Ltd., a worldwide manufacturer of precision-made components for Caterpillar undercarriages. With the parent company IMG SpA, he opened the production site at Tianjin (China), and every day is concerned with the development of methods, techniques and experiences aimed at the improvement of efficiency of this very important market, and reaching brilliant results.