José Paulo Militão de Araujo started his career as lawyer in 1996 and is registered in the Roll of State Lawyers in San Paolo.
From the very start, he has always focused his attention on foreign companies interested in developing their business in Brazil, by accompanying and supporting them through the various relative legal and financial aspects. In particular, the Studio is specialised in company contracts as well as trade and real estate agreements, supporting clients when founding a company or later, assisting them with accounting and tax management.
The professional staff of the Studio, together with partners and associates, provide clients with their specific skills and experience gained in the following sectors:
  • assistance e follow-up in initial activities and visits to partners/associates/customers/suppliers;
  • assistance when stipulating international sales contracts, or for agency, distribution, sub-contracting of goods or services, haulage and transport, bank or insurance operations to guarantee credit and goods;
  • assistance when drawing up contractual agreements for the constitution/acquisition of legal Brazilian companies;
  • assistance in dealings and the drawing up of agreements/contracts for mergers and split-ups;
  • assistance during dealings and relative sale or purchase of Brazilian real estate;
  • consultancy on the matter of Brazilian company, real estate and environmental law;
  • assistance and management of legal actions or arbitration in Brazil;
  • legal and extra-legal assistance on the matter of civil rights and employment.
Thanks to an associate, the Studio is also able to offer assistance in accounting and the registration of company capital at the Central Bank of Brazil, assistance in currency contracts, requests for vistas for foreign managers, due diligence for company take-overs and other services concerning daily operations in a company.