Who we are

Studium Tax&Law International Network is an international organisation providing fiscal and legal assistance in many parts of the world, putting its collective skills at the disposal of enterprises and partners in the process of internationalization.
We operate in the Legal and Tax divisions in the following countries:
  1. Italy
  2. Russia
  3. France
  4. Germany
  5. Brazil
  6. China
  7. Morocco
  8. United States
To assist enterprises in the process of internationalization by selecting, in the various countries, professional figures with a high level of technical skill, available to our clients with attention to costs and methods of the services supplied.
  • Companies which, in their process of internationalization, intend to build strong, stable and secure relations
  • Companies seeking reliable interlocutors who can provide an approach to local legal and fiscal systems
  • Companies wishing to work in foreign countries while feeling “less foreign”.
Studium Tax&Law International Network assists companies which, for necessities linked with the development and consolidation of their business abroad, require:
  1. Fast&easy meetings: to become acquainted with fiscal and legal experts in the network country, also through quick and simple videoconference meetings.
  2. Tax&Law Check-up: check on the fiscal and legal aspects of the business project in the foreign country in relation to the assistance to be offered by the local Studium partner;
  3. Start up: assistance when opening companies, premises, organisations and representatives’ offices; domiciliation and tax/accounting management; meeting rooms in the initial phase of activities.
  4. Auditing: certification of yearly statements as well as accounting and administration procedures for the foreign branch of the parent company.
  5. M&A: assistance in acquisitions and due diligence for companies in network countries
  6. Tax and accounting assistance in loco for organisations in network countries.

A company wishing to meet an expert from Studium in a foreign country can apply to the Studium office in its own country or through the site, by compiling the appropriate “direct contact request” form. To facilitate the establishment of a Company/Consultant relationship, Studium provides clients with its own videoconference systems in the “Virtual Studium Meeting Room”, a system that is reliable, secure and reserved for conversations with Studium consultants all over the world.